Monday, 14 December 2015

Robert Oatley Pinot Noir

This blog will mostly see more premium wines, but I don't want to put people to think thats all I drink! I love wine, and its very important for me too taste as much as I can...Its my hobbie, my passion, and of course my job!
But I do occasionally find myself (mainly towards the end of the month) looking towards the cheaper end of the market, and I may as well write about them on here too.
I live over the road to an Oddbins, I would much rather spend my money in an independent wine store of course, but its literally 1 minute walk away! They do have some interesting finds in there, and their stock does regularly change which is good for me too!
I went for their Robert Oatley Pinot Noir and its currently a pound off coming in at £12.25. It comes from the Yarra Valley, just East of Melbourne in Victoria; the coastal South - Southeast area. With its cool climate, its great for this Burgundian variety and some great wines are coming out of here. Its a very good wine, a very elegant style of Pinot Noir, not overly fruity which many people believe all New World Pinots are like!

Robert Oatley founded the Rosemount Estate back in the 60s, sold it in 2002 and started a new venture in 2006 where he produced wines under his own name. He's known as one of the great premium winemakers in Australia. This wine sees French oak, some new and some used.
Nose; Wild strawberries, red cherries, some vanilla from the oak too.
Palate; Red berries, again the wild strawberries, red cherry, some cranberry and redcurrant notes too. A nice acidity coming through from the cool climate and of course the naturally low tannins.
I would like to eat this with a fatty cut of pork, the great acidity would cut through the fattiness well - Pork belly of course! Otherwise a rich creamy wild mushroom risotto (although Im enjoying it with m and s milk bottles), enjoy!

"Lifes to short to drink bad wine" Anon, and me of course

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